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Buyer Reservation

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Please Note: There is a charge of £850 GBP to bring a second delegate

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Contact us

Copland Events Ltd

Theta House

Doman Road



GU15 3DN


Tel: 01276 682898

Fax: 01276 63736

Mobile: 07889 425178

Information above on your company details will be used in the MTB Event Directory.

For Buyers, all costs for MTB Shipyards Asia Bangkok 2018 (flights, transfers, accommodation, social activities, meals and coffee breaks) are paid by Copland Events.

Terms and Conditions

  1. There will be a cancellation fee of £600 for any delegates who cancel their participation after the 22nd March 2018, which is applicable if a senior person is not organised to replace you.
  2. If you are to cancel your participation, after your flight has been booked, you will be made liable for the cost of you flight.
  3. Your participation at MTB Shipyards Asia Bangkok 2018 includes a designated meeting table, 3 nights accommodation, meals during business functions, social activities and airport transfers, and a detailed schedule of appointments for two days at MTB Shipyards Asia Bangkok.
  4. Travel insurance is not covered by the event and must be organised by the delegate.
  5. Visas and vaccinations must be organised by the delegate.
  6. Please note if you wish to send two delegates there will be a charge of £850 GBP for the second delegate you will be invoiced upon registration. Invoices must be paid within 30 days.

Please tick the following box to accept these terms and conditions