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We have chosen Portugal as the venue because where better to spend a few days than the beautiful city of Lisbon. It has not only got fantastic sunshine but is also a major business hub and is easily accessible for all of our delegates from around the globe!

Meet the Buyer will attract over 50 Buyers from Worldwide, including some of the biggest Workboat Owners and Operators.  More than 40 Buyers are already booked to join us in Lisbon from Worldwide and a list is available if you would like to see this. The Owners/Operators' vessels number over 1500 with fleet sizes ranging from 4 Workboats to 384 Workboats!

Suppliers will join us from around the World to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the Senior Purchasers from these companies in one place over two days. 

The Workboat market is one market that is in a very good position. Unlike ocean shipping companies there is little chance that Workboat Owners/Operators will not be in high demand. Although some land reclamation projects have been slowed most service craft have been able to find an array of employment opportunities.

Many Workboat Owners are in the midst of major fleet upgrading programmes and so MTB Workboats is the perfect opportunity for Suppliers to meet and network their products and services.

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