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MTB is a highly focused programme of one to one appointments between Senior Managers/Directors, Technical Purchasing Managers, General Managers, Operations Managers and other individuals responsible for purchasing within Workboat Companies together with Supplier Companies from all areas of the industry.   Workboat Owners and Operators include supply boats (OSV/PSV), dredgers, tugs, AHTS, survey vessels, fishing vessels, pontoons, cranes, floating cranes, barges, jack up rigs, ROV’s, river / coastal / short sea barges etc.

Meet the Buyer will attract over 60 Buyers from Europe, the Middle and Far East This will include some of the world's biggest Workboat Owners and Operators. 

Suppliers will join us from around the World to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with the Senior Purchasing personell from these companies in one place over two days. 

The Workboat market is in a very stable position. Workboat Owners/Operators have been in high demand in recent years and most service craft have been able to find a wide array of employment opportunities, especially in the new and exciting offshore wind farm installations.

Many Workboat Owners are in the midst of major fleet upgrading programmes and so MTB Workboats is the perfect opportunity for Suppliers to meet, exchange ideas and network their products and services.

Exciting New Registrations for MTB Workboats!

 From the Owners/Operators' side we have taken a very exciting new registration from Fugro Marine Services BV (Netherlands), world renowned for their geotechnical, survey and geoscience services to oil, gas, mining and construction industries. With their fleet of 70 vessels, they are a very strong addition to the list of Owners/Operators' Buyers who are joining us.

We are also delighted to have registered several new suppliers, who we are excited to have joining one of our MTB "Meet the Buyer" forums for the first time.

International Maritime Services - Ships Delivery will be the first Ships Deliverer to attend an MTB forum, as over the last few years there have been a lot of requests for Ships Delivery services; so we are delighted that they will be joining us and are able to help the Owners/Operators in their vessel moves. IMS are also specialists in crew training and management of new-buildings, which will also be of interest to the Owners/Operators. Brendan Cooley, COO of IMS commented "We are excited to take the opportunity to meet with so many owners/operators in one location and are really looking forward to this September's MTB Workboats forum!" 

 We are delighted to have also confirmed our first non-toxic antifouling supplier at MTB - Micanti. Micanti use a 100% environmentally friendly antifouling which prevents any fouling on the hull, which will remove drag on vessels and thus, lower fuel costs for owners/operators.

Two market leaders in engine supply confirmed they too will be joining us to "Meet the Buyers", following many requests from the Owners/Operators for Engine Suppliers. MTU - the specialist German manufacturer of large diesel engines and complete drive systems for marine propulsion, and Wartsila - the Finnish Corporation who offers a wide range of products/services and solutions to the Owners/Operators.

 We still have the last few Supplier spaces available, but these are filling very fast.

 Please contact me at +44(0)1276 682898 or by email:- for more information.

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