MTB - Meet the Buyer

What is 'MTB' ?

MTB - 'Meet the Buyer' is a successful structure for events. With the right industry criteria it is possible to adapt the formula to further industries. If you would like to learn more about how we can make this work for you, please don't hesitate to talk to us. These programmes get it absolutely right by enabling people to do business in a smooth and beneficial way.

How does it work ?

Each attending delegate selects a shortlist of companies he or she would like to meet with. Our computer system then schedules these events to maximise the number of meetings per delegate.

We guarantee a minimum of 15 meetings for every delegate attending both days of the event.

Copland Events Ltd

Established in 2007 Copland Events Ltd is a specialist events company that organise and manage Hosted Buyer meetings between Buyers and Suppliers from various branches of the Marine, Oil & Gas and Aviation Markets.

"MTB" (Meet The Buyer) is a well established event that is continuously growing and expanding with a reputable history.

Having successfully organised similar events over several years, we are delighted to bring you the MTB - 'Meet the Buyer' programme.

These meetings have changed the way companies conduct their business as they offer both buyers and suppliers an opportunity to meet, network and conduct business in a way that is simply not possible in other forms of marketing.