MTB Marine Europe Noordwijk - Buyer comments

The event was truly remarkable. The meetings were very interesting and fruitful. The breaks were also very important for meeting all the rest of the suppliers you don't have time to meet with.

Procurement Officer - ASM Maritime

We are always looking for new solutions in our supply-chain, therefore MTB is a great event to get in contact with new suppliers and service providers worldwide. It\\\'s a added value for our company to find new alternative suppliers.

Purchasing Manager - Chemikalien Seetransport

Overall, I found the event to be very productive, in the sense that we (the Buyers) were given the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with the suppliers, as well as interact with them in a more relaxed, social setting. I think this is significantly more effective than exhibition type events.

Supply Coordinator - Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement S.A.

Very effective. I mostly do not invite any new suppliers during the year and even did not visit SMM this year. Just concentrated everything on MTB and saved a lot of time.

Purchaser - Jebsen Shipping P. Management

The most effective way to make as many contacts as possible in the shortest possible time.

Technical Manager - KS Shipping Malta

MTB Marine Europe Noordwijk - Supplier comments

Another great event. MTB has proved again, it is a great place for "speed dating". Very professional. Good to see all are well prepared and know what they want.

Global Product Manager - DB Schenker

Great experience having the chance to meet with so many people from the marine industry coming from all over the world!!! I highly recommend suppliers to join the event.

Project Manager - Onursan

This event offers the possibility to, in a short but effective way, get introduced and present your company as potential supplier to relevant buyers. Then after the work starts to follow up on your leads, but now you know each other and have a common experience, this just makes it easier.

Global Key Account Manager - Hoyer Motors

An ideal opportunity to expand your network.

Account Manager - Lagersmit

It was a really nice hotel and we have some new interesting contacts and met nice people. I think it was really effective, because of so many new buyers. For me it was the best event since 2015.

Sales Manager - Peters + Bey

MTB Workboats Rhodes - Buyer comments

Great experience, great people, well organised and interesting for future business.

Project Buyer - Boskalis

I participated for the 5th time at MTB Workboats and again this was a perfect event. Well organised and with lots of new suppliers this event is always better than visiting a fair.

Senior Technical Buyer - VLOOT dab

MTB Workboats Rhodes - Supplier comments

This is a very useful event helping suppliers easily find buyers interested in their products all gathered in one (appealing) location.

Sales Manager - Rexnavi s.r.l.

MTB Aviation Lake Maggiore - Buyer comments

This is a professionally run event and works very well, best of its type given the 20 minutes per meeting and the socialising.

Project Manager - European Aviation

This was very professionally set up from start to finish! Well-coordinated from the 1st email to departure. A massive opportunity for both buyers and vendors/service providers to meet and discuss business and future prospects.

Technical Purchasing Manager - Mediterranean Aviation Company Limited (Medavia)

The event was well organised by a professional yet friendly team. It attracts a big crowd from the airlines and suppliers side. The format used was effective as the parties manage to have a short yet meaningful discussion and exchange information.

Contracts Manager - AirAsia Berhad

MTB Aviation is the most interesting MTB that I have ever been to, we have no pressure in the meetings as we have time to get to know each other which is good for the relationship between buyer and supplier.

Procurement Manager - Portugália Airlines SA

MTB Aviation Lake Maggiore - Supplier comments

Great event well run, always a good location which in turn entices the right buyers to the event.

Customer Engagement Manager - GTSMRO

The event was really top notch all the way around. From the location, facilities and airline turnout to the well organised and well planned event; i couldn't ask for more out of an industry event.

President - TouchPoint Aviation Services, LLC

A very efficient way to meet at least 20 potential worldwide buyers in only 2 days!

Sales Manager - ELTA (ECA GROUP)

An extremely well organised and slick event. Maximising opportunities to meet new business possibilities. Incredible choice of venue making the event a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Sales Consultant - AW Hainsworth

MTB Superyachts Valencia - Buyer comments

Perfectly organised, well arranged group of buyers and sellers, successful!

Facilities Manager - Royal Huisman

I have now attended three MTB events. I tell anyone who cares to listen that for me this is probably the best annual Superyacht event that I go to in terms of being able to speak on a one-to-one basis with specific suppliers about exactly what I want or need. Unlike the large shows, suppliers and buyers spend 15-20 mins with each of their chosen counterparts. In the downtime they can also meet others in the same field. Given that this basically all happens in 48 hrs there is no other event like it.

Director - Eclipse Marine Asia

As far as buyers and suppliers coming together to achieve goals regarding the supply chain, I believe that MTB has the best format in which to do so. I have been to numerous trade shows, however these shows do not allow you to build these type of business relations.

Materials Manager - Rybovich Boat Co

It was very beneficial meeting people that I already know, and new people / companies that have great potential for future business. The event was professional and relaxed at the same time.

Purchaser - Fr. Lürssen GmbH & Co. KG

MTB Superyachts Valencia - Supplier comments

A great and very effective networking event. Well organised by Copland Events.

General Manager EMEA - Maxwell Marine

An excellent conference with great opportunity for personal contact and networking.

Sales Manager - Medical Support Offshore (MSOS) Ltd

It was the first time that I attended MTB, but it was a very effective and well organised event.

Managing Director - Holland Marine Lifts BV

It was a perfect event with more output than we ever thought. We can make some business now for sure, and we will be back next year.

Sales Consultant & Support - Ognios GmbH

MTB Marine Asia Yangon - Buyer comments

As a first timer, I was really impressed on how Copland organised this event. I am very thankful to MTB for the opportunity to meet new suppliers and friends.

Team Lead - Technical Procurement - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

One of the best forums i have attended. I met up with a lot of people from the shipping industry all around the world and gathered a lot of information in the marine industry!

Director - Ocean Marine Consultants & Services

It was a great platform for Marine Buyers and Suppliers to come under one roof, get to know each other and spend time with each other.

Assistant Vice President, Procurement - Great Circle Shipping Agency LTD

MTB Marine Asia Yangon - Supplier comments

MTB Marine Asia brings buyers and suppliers together face to face making every meeting effective by doing presentations live which gives more personal attention than communicating via email/telephone.

Operations Manager - Marinetrans Singapore PTE LTD

A good event to meet a lot of companies in a short time. The compressed effect makes it very effective.

Area Manager Asia - Fil-Tec Rixen GmbH

Very intense meeting sessions with the potential buyers. Time saving to reach out to more customers and getting the opportunity to promote our company

Managing Director - Freudenberg Technical Supply Pte Ltd

MTB Marine Americas Virginia - Buyer comments

Interesting experience and appreciate meeting the company reps in one on one meetings, including those I already knew. Good opportunities for networking in the after hours dinners.

Director, New Design Development - Jensen Maritime

This the most efficient way to have business meetings. The time is occupied with my topics of interest.

Procurement Director - Intertug

MTB Marine Americas 2018 was great and very fruitful: Many opportunities, good business prospective. Many thanks to Copland's team for such opportunities.

CEO - Flagship Company

MTB Marine Americas Virginia - Supplier comments

MTB Americas is a well organised and attended event that introduces vendors and buyers and provides a structured format for discussing new business opportunities. It is good value for both groups of participants

Marine Marketing Manager - Kluber Lubrication NALP

I like this type of event for its efficiency and the quality of the relationships that one can establish without all the noise of a trade show.

VP North America OPS - Christie & Grey Inc

A fantastic chance to meet a lot of purchasing managers. 20 meetings for the travel cost of 4! Meeting new companies and nice social events. All in all value for money on both sides.

Senior Sales Manager - Lindemann Marine Products

MTB Oil & Gas Abu Dhabi - Buyer comments

All in all the overall outcome of the visit was very positive and beneficial. The event gives you the opportunity to connect with different cultures globally serving various sectors in the oil & gas field. Despite the advantage of sourcing new vendors it is useful in terms of getting exposed to different mindsets and sharing your experience with them besides gaining knowledge of new market updates.

EDC Purchasing Leader, Egyptian Drilling Company (EDC)

This is a very succesful event. There are many suppliers and clients who attend and it is a great platform to communicate with each other.

Purchaser, COSL Middle East

The event provides Global exposure to companies willing to expand their business not only in the Middle East but all parts of the world. Attending this event will expand your horizons and meeting people whilst doing business.


MTB Oil & Gas Abu Dhabi - Supplier comments

Inspite of the bad market in the Oil & Gas industry, MTB gives a positive future.

Business Unit Manager, Corodex Group

MTB Oil & Gas proved again to be a good event for networking and finding new opportunities with unprecedented buyers who are easy accessible in a relaxed environment.

Strategic Sales Manager, MeteoGroup

A very well organised event where the suppliers have both formal and informal opportunities to present their respective companies to the potential clients as well as reconnect with the existing ones. It was a great chance to open doors and obtain contacts within companies that we have not previously worked with, get to know their future projects and requirements as well as discuss future business with the existing customers.

Sales Representative, Katch Kan

MTB Workboats Abu Dhabi - Buyer comments

The format of the event was very clever and efficient, offering adequate time for a purchaser to learn enough information for the Suppliers services/products range but also giving the opportunity to liaise with the most interesting Suppliers during the lunch and dinner outings

Purchasing Manager - Assodivers Group

Nice atmosphere, productive meetings and great opportunities for new contacts. I highly recommend Copland Events to any Supplier or Buyer in the industry.

Senior Buyer - Saipem UK

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Copland team and congratulate them on a successful event. It was a fantastic platform to meet and interact with Suppliers and other Procurement or Technical in Charge from other companies. The information and proposed initiatives by Suppliers in this event will greatly help me to achieve organisational objectives.

Lead Buyer - Technip FMC

MTB 2017 was an excellent event, well structured and some good quality Suppliers/Buyers with the networking events being extremely useful. Copland Events put together an excellent MTB and we will definitely attend again.

General Manager - Surewind Marine Ltd

MTB Workboats Abu Dhabi - Supplier comments

For me, MTB Workboats was new, but we got a positive experience. We have learned a lot, spoke to a lot of people in the market which was very good and the program was well organised. Thanks to Copland Events!

Managing Director - Motrac Hydraulics

This was a very enjoyable experience and also very good for my company. I would highly recommend the MTB Workboats event to local Buyers & Suppliers in the industry.

Technical Manager - Al Jazeera Port & Shipyard

This was a great format and very well organised with extremely helpful and friendly staff

Sales Director EMEA - Intellian

MTB Workboats proved again to be a strong event for networking and finding new opportunities with unprecedented Buyers who are easily accessible in a relaxed environment.

Strategic Sales Manager - Meteogroup

MTB Marine Europe Lake Maggiore - Buyer comments

Very valuable to connect with so many interesting suppliers in such a short period of time. The 20 minute speed date form is perfect. Splendid venue.

Purchaser, Anthony Veder

It was again a great pleasure to attend MTB as it was a great opportunity to meet old and new suppliers! Discussions for attending MTB next year are already underway in our office!

Purchaser, Kopping Shipping

Time effective and well organised. It is much better than exhibitions.

Purchasing Manager, Lemissoler Shipmanagement Ltd

I found MTB had a very effective format and the 20 minute discussions were enough for initial meetings, giving time for both parties to make relevant notes and for them to explore mutually beneficial issues and areas at a later time.

Purchasing & Logistics Manager, MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd

MTB Marine Europe Lake Maggiore 2017 proved to be an invaluable experience for me. The format was very effective in ensuring the optimum balance between time for the appointments between buyers and suppliers, networking and leisure. I have gained a number of new contacts from my time there and have formed positive business relationships with the same going forward. The choice of hotel was excellent as was the service, food and drink. It was a well organised event and I'm glad that I attended.

Purchasing Manager, Southern Steamships (London) Ltd

MTB Marine Europe Lake Maggiore - Supplier comments

Great location with an extremely good service, enough space for all participants which made it comfortable for everybody and therefore everybody was open for meetings and discussions. The place was perfect and that is a good opportunity to have good and open mind meetings. We had good discussions, met a lot of possible new clients and we liked the positive atmosphere of this event.

Head of Sales, Blohm + Voss

MTB Marine Europe 2017: Great event, perfect location, very motivated buyers, value for money.

Global Product Management, DB SCHENKER

Perfectly organised "to the point" event with fantastic output.

Managing Director, NBS Maritime BV

One of the best Marine Organisations for networking and new markets.

General Manager, Piri Reis Ship Supply

Great platform to meet the right contacts within our potential clientele. Large maritime exhibitions have limited added value in comparison to MTB.

General Manager, Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables

Some very intense days and highly efficient meetings. A good occasion to have straight to the point meetings with new buyers and socialise with your existing and potential customers. This was my 6th MTB Europe and I am still seeing the benefit for my company to continue to participate.

Sales Director South West Europe, Viking Life Saving Equipment

MTB Aviation Dubrovnik - Buyer comments

Great event, really good format to meet new clients and to put a face to known ones. I would certainly recommend the event.

Logistics Manager - ALBA STAR S.A.

The event was very well organised, and structured to give the buyer and seller a great opportunity to conduct a reasonable business meeting, without any undue pressure. The venue and arrangements surrounding the event, were managed and the atmosphere of the event made for excellent business discussions.

Technical Engineer / CCE - British Airways PLC

MTB Aviation is a very effective way to meet Suppliers. I have been able to expand a years worth of networking into a few days!

Manager Procurement Contract - GMF AeroAsia

MTB Aviation Dubrovnik - Supplier comments

For Aviall, the MTB 2017 has proven to be an excellent networking platform resulting in numerous high quality meetings with a multitude of airlines customers. The customer representatives were truly engaged during the meetings and actually also actively explored for mutual business opportunities.

Director Sales - Aviall Services Inc.

MTB Aviation makes traditional trade shows obsolete. The future of doing business is here, it's Copland Events.

General Manager - BSB Aviation

Absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way. From the organised airport transfers to the great location, hotel, dinners and most of all the extremely efficient and valuable one on one meetings with buyers. I was able to get significant interest in my product and company.

President - International Water Guard

In 8 years in the business and many conferences done, this one is the best one as you get many 1 on 1 time with the right people who actually do the purchasing!!

Sales Representative - SOLAIR GROUP LLC.

MTB Superyachts Rhodes - Buyer comments

I would always recommend the Copland MTB to everyone who is interested in establishing business contacts and getting to know new companies in a concentrated format and a very effective and efficient manner. Fixed appointments during the day can be extended afterwards in the afternoon with plenty of time left to also see and meet companies that you're not having an official meeting with.

Operations Manager - ODENWALD Yacht Skills

Excellent opportunity to meet Suppliers and Buyers in our industry in a very conductive environment.

Managing Director - Solent Refit

Its a great event, everything is well organised. The way the meetings are produced is unique, very productive and effective. One of the best ways to meet new suppliers! The location was very beautiful and helped in relaxing after long business talk.

Design Team Leader - Horizon Yacht Co.,Ltd.

MTB Superyachts Rhodes 2017 was an extremely well run event, i found the format highly effective for developing new business relationships with suppliers. The time allocated for each meeting was ample and the social events afterwards offered a valuable springboard for further discussion.

Technical Manager - Y.CO

MTB Superyachts Rhodes - Supplier comments

A well organised, concentrated event that allows the Supplier the opportunity to introduce their products directly to the decision makers (Buyers).

International Sales Engineer - NAIAD Dynamics

A very efficient way to meet existing clients and prospects in an environment that starts long time relationships.

Sales Director - Hydromar Marine Equipment B.V

I always experience the MTB Superyachts events as the most effective relation building event in the Superyacht market, the fact that everybody takes the opportunity and time to get out of their protected environment and listen.

Business Development Manager - Alewijnse Marine

MTB Oil & Gas EMEA 2017 Dubai - Buyer comments

A great venue to meet Suppliers outside of the normal work environment. Concentration and focus is on the actual meeting and not on the unfinished work back at the desk. Excellent to exchange market information and trends with other colleagues in Buying positions.

Project Procurement Manager, Technip France Abu Dhabi

The MTB Meetings provided a very effective platform of direct one to one meetings with Manufacturers, Vendors, and Suppliers of Products and Services. An opportunity of creating very rewarding business relationships with the Suppliers of Products and Services.

Snr. Instrumentation/Controls Engineer, Shell Petroleum Development Company

Very effective way to improve your knowledge of the market and make new relationships.

Procurement Project Coordinator, Bonatti SPA

MTB Oil & Gas EMEA 2017 Dubai - Supplier comments

A great way to meet multiple Buyers which is highly time efficient.

Chief Executive Officer, Oil Consultants

MTB is the distillation of months and months of prospecting, identification of key contacts and reaching an agreement to meet with them; all condensed into just over two days of networking at a very reasonable, all-inclusive fixed price. It is an invaluable Sales/Marketing tool that should be budgeted for each year.

Sales Manager, Anonymous

MTB Marine Asia 2017 Bali - Buyer comments

MTB Marine Asia is a great opportunity to meet and greet different suppliers who can play a big role by being our reputable partner in the business.

Technical Purchasing Officer - Doehle Shipmanagement Phils. Corp.

Totally effective! I could get many potential & reliable supplier in 2 days MTB meeting compares to what i can find myself.

Branch Manager - Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line

MTB Marine Asia 2017 Bali - Supplier comments

It was a good get together where i met a lot of my existing clients and new clients to discuss current and future projects. Very Successful.

Managing Director - Cargo Care Solutions

Generally positive to create a network

Repair Marketing - Hat-San Shipyard

Format was very efficient as it is impossible to get this volume of meetings in 2 days with a very high level contact.

Area Sales Manager - Gerflor

MTB Marine Americas 2017 Miami - Buyer comments


Buyer MSFS, Maine State Ferry Service

MTB Miami was a unique opportunity to meet great people and companies, expand our knowledge to the present Marine related segments, and most importantly to expand our relations and networking. We had a very productive conference resulting not only in opportunities, as much as new ideas and mutual collaboration between both Buyers and Suppliers.

Senior Procurement Specialist, Subsea 7

MTB Marine Americas 2017 was an awesome networking event. Definitely something that all Marine Buyers should attend!

Purchasing Supervisor, Virgin Islands Port Authority

MTB Marine Americas 2017 Miami - Supplier comments

This was the first time Ramco has participated in an event with this format. I found it to be much more effective than exhibiting at a Trade Show. It is a captive audience that has definitive interest in the Products the Suppliers are offering. Also, the social events surrounding the meetings offer a great networking opportunity for both the Buyers and Suppliers.

President, Ramco Manufacturing

An excellent event organised to a very high standard with some great advice on how to make the most of the opportunity.

Finance Director, Atlantic Refrigeration

Great event with quality prospects.

Director of OEM Sales, Dometic Corporation

MTB Workboats Algarve - Buyer comments

MTB Workboats is a great event which allows you to make new contacts among Suppliers and Buyers all over the world. The format of the meeting is unique, very effective and productive. I would recommend this event to any company involved in the Oil & Gas Industry. Thank you very much Copland Events!

Senior Buyer - Saipem Ltd

MTB Workboats 2016 was helpful in providing an interesting insight into what has been the most challenging year for the Offshore Industry. The location was extremely beautiful and helped in providing the right balance of business and pleasure.

Procurement Manager - Zakher Marine International Inc.

The MTB events are by far the most effective and efficient way to meet new suppliers and to build up a professional relationship with mutual trust. The organisation is doing great efforts to deliver the highest possible quality to both Buyers and Suppliers.

Senior Technical Buyer - VLOOT Dab

MTB Workboats Algarve - Supplier comments

It was a fantastic experience and the company was great with a lot of laughs in and amongst business discussions, would highly recommend it to anyone.

Contracts Manager - British Polar Engines

As it was my first time trying the concept I was very impressed. I would imagine the results from an even larger event would be much greater.

Managing Director - Roaming Expert

Efficient format with lots of contacts taken in a short time.

Director of Passenger Vessels - OCEA

MTB Superyachts Lake Maggiore - Buyer comments

MTB Superyachts Lake Maggiore 2016 provided me the productive meetings to get to know suppliers/ products/ services, which I had never known, within a very good and enjoyable environment. It is a very good chance for both buyers and sellers to develop a great sparkle . If you never try it and you will never know. The well planning event deserves my best compliment.

Purchasing Manager - Ta Shing Yachts

Best yet that I have been to- Well organised, great crowd and good food. Idyllic setting.

Technical Manager - Camper & Nicholsons

The format is very effective. 20 minutes is the optimal time for meetings.

General Manager- Alnacon

It was better than I expected. New companies were there, and I had very effective conversations with suppliers about international cooperation.

Member of Board - SES Yachts

MTB Superyachts Lake Maggiore - Supplier comments

MTB is today one of the best ways to meet new people in the market sector, it can easily replace an exhibition by being cheaper.

Sales Director - Eliche Radice S.p.a.

High return of investment, both time and money wise. A very efficent and excellent platform to make new business contacts and catch up with exisiting ones.

Regional Sales Manager - Seven Seas Group

A great use of time for the investment, compared to the more traditional exhibitions.

Managing Director - LMK Thermosafe Ltd

MTB Oil & Gas Abu Dhabi - Buyer comments

An efficient way to get to know multiple suppliers and their capabilities. A lot of potential to enable new business opportunities.

Technical Manager, JKX Oil and Gas

Meeting made us to have direct contact with international manufacturer and also a window for business relationships as well.

Head Contracts and Sourcing, Bahwan Engineering Co

I found MTB event as the best way of creating a relationship between Buyer and Supplier, it is purposely organised to meet direct requirement and be utilized in a professional manner.

Category Lead, Bahrain Petroleum Company

MTB Oil & Gas Abu Dhabi - Supplier comments

The opportunity to meet key buyers in one room over such a short span of time is a huge benefit to manufacture companies like TripleFast. I took a real positive look on the event and see massive potential to build new relationships and secure more orders.

Business Development Manager, Triplefast Middle East Limited

Very well organised, great networking opportunities and direct access to lead buyers

Global Sales Manager, Seaward Safety

Amazingly unique & efficient meeting format loved by vendors as well as buyers

Business Development Manager, Chart Ferox a.s

MTB Marine Europe Malta - Buyer comments

An exceptionally effective way of finding new partners and forming lasting relationships.

Technical Department Manager - Amisco AS

As a first-timer I was impressed by the well-organised event and good number of prospective Suppliers.

Purchasing Manager - Alcyon Shipping Co. Ltd.

One of the most effective forms of search for new Suppliers.

Purchasing Manager - Star Clippers Monaco

MTB Marine Europe - Malta was a perfect location for networking and combining business with pleasure in a professional atmosphere.

Manager Purchasing - Ahrenkiel Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

MTB Marine Europe Malta - Supplier comments

Brilliant opportunity to meet potential clients, discuss current trends in the industry with peers and simply network in a stress free environment.

Marketing Manager - UK Marine Parts Ltd.

This event is the most effective way to be in contact with as many companies as possible. It is time saving and very well organised. You have great networking opportunities, as you may bump into the most unexpected potential customer.

Sales Department - Rexnavi SRL

I would say MTB is one of the most effective business events, because of the interesting meetings and networking atmosphere you will get nowhere else. This mixture of business talks and a little private contact is great. As you are able to gain a good relationship with your customer.

Sales Representative - Peters + Bey GmbH

It's a good format and great way to meet potential customers from various countries. The additional networking it provides is extremely valuable.

Service and Repairs Manager - Greens Power Limited

A must attend event for everybody in the Maritime Industry seeking to expand your company's customer base and make new contacts in an effective format.

CEO - Cargo Care Solutions B.V.

MTB Marine Asia Singapore - Buyer comments

The event was organised professionally, providing a good atmosphere for meeting new friends and exploring new information and innovative products which could help develop our business or save cost.

Technical Manager, Highland Maritime Co., Ltd

MTB never fails to deliver. Another top-notch event!

Purchasing Manager, United Ocean Ship Management Pte Ltd

This was my first MTB and I must say it was a great experience for me. The event was well organised, from the setup of the event hall to ensuring the entire event run as scheduled.

Supply Chain Manager, AET Shipmanagement

MTB Marine Asia Singapore - Supplier comments

Another successful event with many high quality meetings one after another mixed with great social atmosphere.

CEO, Cargo Care Solutions

MTB is always a Marathon! Non-stop - I do not know how you always come up with new Shipowners! - Unbelievable - Unforgettable - Aquarium Dinner!

Sales Manager, Strongwell

MTB Aviation Lisbon - Buyer comments

First of all, big thanks for giving an opportunity to have face to face discussions bettwen Suppliers and Buyers. This leads to Open Communication; Data Exchange, and knowing the Market Worldwide and it is a win-win situation for Suppliers and Buyers.

Manager Materials - Go Airlines (India) Ltd

This is a very good opportunity to meet and network with new Suppliers in the Industry. It is more personalised than Air Shows.

Store and Logistics Manager - Al Jaber Aviation LLC

Great event, unique experience!

Purchasing/Logistics Coordinator - Sky Express S.A

As always, no words. You guys always do great. Hats off to Copland.

Senior Purchase Officer - Tech Comm - Pakistan International Airline

MTB Aviation Lisbon - Supplier comments

I found it very effective; the 20 minute meetings are a perfect length. The countdown at 5 minutes helped to keep to the schedule and ensure i covered what i needed to in that last 5 minutes, if not before.

Sales Director - Replin By Hainsworth

It is a great event to build not just business but also personal relationship with the Customers and Suppliers.

VP EMEA - Wencor Group

MTB Marine Americas Mexico - Buyer comments

I had more meaningful conversations with knowledgeable people than I ever would have at a trade show. Time very well spent.

Shipyard Manager, Lunenburg Foundry & Engineering Limited

I just love the MTB concept and format! MTB brings many opportunities to meet new suppliers and see new product solutions. This opens the door for a greater range in our business.

Supply Chain Manager, Technip Brazil

I cannot think of how else I could have had focussed, scheduled business meetings with 20+ Marine Suppliers from all over the world in two days.

Procurement Manager, Amix Marine Services Ltd

MTB Marine Americas Mexico - Supplier comments

Great Organisation, good timing, efficient, nice environment

Area Sales Manager, GERFLOR

MTB Marine Europe Tenerife - Buyer comments

As always its been a great experience to join MTB - good opportunity to meet new suppliers, get new inputs and also to catch up with existing suppliers

Purchasing Manager, Thorco Shipping

A big chance to meet a broad range of Ship Suppliers in just 3 days

Purchasing Officer, Arcadia Shipmanagement

A superb forum to engage with international suppliers and to interact with fellow buyers.

Senior Buyer, Graig Ship Management

MTB Marine Europe Tenerife - Supplier comments

A positive and interesting interaction of business potentials, well organised and with a lot of networking opportunities.

Senior Bunker Trader, Monjasa AS

Great event, good meeting, good value for money spent

Head of Sales, EagleBurgmann Expansion Joint Solutions

If you are well prepared to really meet professionals for business also beside the organised meetings, you will come home with a full basket of contacts being worth to follow up to grow business with. A perfect concept in a nice ambiance.

CEO / Owner, SeaServ GmbH

Brilliant concept with a lot of relevant key decision makers from the Maritime business, all over Europe.

Spare Parts Manager, Iron Pump A/S

MTB Workboats Dubrovnik - Buyer comments

It was very productive use of time, as often these meetings we cannot schedule during shows. I have developed various new useful contacts. It was an excellent format and thank you for positive atmosphere and well organised such a high quality event.

Senior Manager, PT. Sinarmas LDA Maritime

Very well structured event giving enough time for the formal meetings so that you can see many people with also enough breaks for continued informal expanded discussions. Wonderful opportunity to network with Suppliers and indeed other Buyers.

UK SCM Manager, Subsea 7

A perfectly scheduled event which allows you to gain a maximum of contacts in the given time frame. Perfect possibilities for networking in the time between the meetings.

Procurement Officer, E.R. Offshore GmbH & Cie. KG

MTB Workboats Dubrovnik - Supplier comments

A both cost and time effective way to have many focused meetings in a pleasant atmosphere.

Sales Director, KVH Industries A/S

A tremendous way to establish business relations with prospective Buyers.

Sales Associate, Win-Tron Electronics

If you have not worked this event, then you need to.

Business Development, Hy-Pro Filtration

MTB Aviation Abu Dhabi - Buyer comments

A great idea; I wish more events of a similar structure would be held to allow buyers and sellers to meet face to face and discuss potential business opportunities, focused on facilitating each others needs.

Director Finance, PrivateAir Saudi Arabia Ltd

The 20 minute face to face meet-ups are just perfect to talk about everything that needs to be discussed. The breaks also allowed us to get to know other people and make new connections and friends.

Material Provisioning Officer, Emirates Airline

A very effective way to get to know both new suppliers and other airlines. I will certainly be able to take back some great ideas to SAS. Good networking opportunity!

Director Flight Ops Engineering & Administration, Scandinavian Airlines

We are really thankful to MTB Aviation Forum to get competitive suppliers. Thanks for support & definitely see you in Lisbon.

Manager Engineering Procurement, Go Airlines (India) Ltd.

MTB Aviation Abu Dhabi - Supplier comments

The direct contact with airline decision makers makes this a key event.

Director of Marketing & Project Management, Inventory Locator Services

Focused meetings, well organised with excellent social networking, value for money compared to exhibitions

Sales Executive, Techtest Ltd (Part of HR Smith Group of Companies)

It was exactly as I hoped and as MTB had advertised it. It was unique in its format of arranging meetings between sellers and buyers. I had 20 meetings with people/companies who were specifically interested in knowing about the products I sell. Very good.

Director of Business Development & Sales, Europe, Velocity Aerospace Group Inc

An extremely well organised, well attended and professional event. The quality of companies attending, both buyers and suppliers was very high and overall the atmosphere of the event.

Sales and Commercial Director, Flightweight Ltd

MTB Superyachts Algarve - Buyer comments

MTB Superyachts is a brilliant platform to meet with both Suppliers and Buyers in the industry. The group has a very mixed background with different perspectives, making the off meeting time conversations as lively as the interesting presentations during the one-to-one meetings

Naval Architect, Studio Delta

Great format presenting the opportunity to meet colleagues that would not normally happen at yacht shows.

Technical Manager, West Nautical

A highly effective business networking event that brings buyers and Suppliers together via a well formatted 2 day 3 evening event.

Purchasing, Palma Refit

MTB Superyachts Algarve - Supplier comments

Time spent together in the Algarve was above expectations! The format and informal part gave an open atmosphere and possibilities to follow up.

Service Manager, Cramm Yachting

Meet the Buyer was an excellent event which brought me as close as possible to the decision makers. The time, moneyh and efforts you would have to make to have personal meetings with this amount of people are way higher. The atmosphere was very relaxed and much more focused than any other exhibition or event.

Business Development Manager, Transas Marine

Very intensive, very enjoyable and very productive where not only the meetings are relevant but also the social opportunities. I never had the opportunity to drink a beer with a purchaser whilst sitting by the pool. A unique networking event, one of a kind!

Business Development, Struik & Hamerslag Yacht Interiors

MTB Marine Americas San Diego - Buyer comments

It is very interesting experience. You meet and contact directly to the person that will deal with you in the future. The organisation leads smoothly into a productive investment in time and broad relationship with potential suppliers.

Technical Manager, Empresa Naviera Petrolera Atlantica S.A

MTB is a great opportunity to develop sellers that nobody knows they exist!

Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Naviera Bourbon Tamaulipas SA DE CV

An effective way to manage a plethora of information. Very beneficial for those who are not able to dedicate time to researching and purchasing new products.

Marine Superintendent, Catherwood Towing

Time well invested.

Senior Manager Supply Chain, Chantier Davie Canada Inc

MTB Marine Americas San Diego - Supplier comments

MTB Marine Americas provided extremely good 'bang for buck' and we achieved the level of client contact that would have otherwise taken 10 people and 10 weeks. I would strongly recommend this as a forum for business development.

Director Asia Pacific, Dryad Maritime

Good impression overall for my first participation.

CEO & Owner, Cobalt Blue Group

The best way to meet a dedicated potential buyer, have him focus on you, uninterruptedly for 20 minutes, with additional socialising opportunities presenting themselves continuously.

Vice President, Rustibus Inc.

After many years of exhibiting on conventional exhibitions, MTB Marine Americas 2015 was my first MTB event. From a 'MTB virgin' I became a true 'MTB fan'. The concept of being at an event where both parties come with the specific aim of exploring new opportunities and products, whilst being in a comfortable environment to actually do so, made MTB a very effective event for both parties I believe. Besides the organisation and the venue was absolutely spot-on! This certainly wasn't my last MTB!

Vice President Sales, Scandia Gear The Americas Corp.

MTB - Marine Asia Manila - Buyer comments

This MTB concept and format is among the best for Buyers to locate the right suppliers and the same way for the Suppliers to locate right target Buyers. Here you waste no time, energy and money on meeting a non-target audience, whether you are a Buyer or Supplier. Much Better and cost effective than attending Marine Exhibitions!

Technical Director, SVS Marine Services private limited

The most efficient channel of building relationship between Buyers and Suppliers. It also provides an opportunity for Buyers to learn new products and expand our Buyers circle within the industry.

Purchasing Manager, IMC Shipping and Offshore Tech Services Pte Ltd

It was an excellent opportunity to meet so many people at one time. I believe I met more suppliers in two days than I normally do in one year.

Fleet Manager, Neptune Pacific Line

MTB - Marine Asia Manila - Supplier comments

Great organization from the MTB team.

Sales Manager, Atlas Marine Valves

Was a good event, full of networking, new people met, new partners made in the business area with other delegates. Very good in general!

Technical Manager, Metalock Brazil

MTB - Oil & Gas EMEA Dubai - Buyer comments

I find MTB process very efficient avoiding waste of time like what we have experienced in other conferences.

Managing Director, Wotas UK Limited

The event has always been effective and fulfilling and a good platform to start a relationship that ordinarily would have taken months and much cost incurred.

Executive Director, EON Global Services Limited

A well-organised event, brings the best in the industry on a face to face basis without the distractions of the office and the usual bureaucracy. A treasure-trove for both parties.

Service Procurement Lead, Medcoenergi Oman

This was an excellent, well run event which gives the Buyer the opportunity to focus on areas where they could improve their supply chain. The Supplier mix was relevant and through the meetings that took place I was able to identify areas of our business where significant value could be added.

Supply Manager, KCA Deutag

MTB - Oil & Gas EMEA Dubai - Supplier comments

Came away satisfied and pleasantly surprised. Three Buyers contacted me within the week.

COO, Business Development & Innovation, Middle East Fuji LLC

MTB is a great opportunity to meet companies in one place. I met with in total 21 companies, and for me to travel to their Country and office would have probably taken me weeks.

Business Development Manager, Global Pipe Components

Excellent format and well organised. It is a great way to ensure multiple effective meetings in a short space of time.

Industry Segmant Manager, Oerlikon Metco Europe GmbH

MTB was a new experience with more than 20 new useful contacts from different continents.

Sales Director, Perforator GmbH

MTB - Shipyards Dubai - Buyer comments

MTB Shipyards succeed my target meeting so many new suppliers for future business.

Purchasing Officer, Asian Marine Services Public Company Ltd

Buyers and Suppliers can easily find what they are looking for and have deep communication in a great environment.

Vice President, Janda Shipyard

MTB Shipyards Dubai 2015 was a very rewarding and worthwhile event. Being able to meet and interact with new Suppliers in a relaxed atmosphere, yet professional, was a privilege and an experience to repeat.

Procurement & Logistics Manager, West SEA - Estaleiros Navais

MTB - Shipyards Dubai - Supplier comments

I think the MTB format is excellent. It brings together interested buyers and capable suppliers in a very efficient manner. For a small supplier, the MTB format is very effective solution to limited budget and time.

International Sales Manager, Tech Oil Products

I was happy with all of my meetings. The Buyers showed genuine interest in the products i had to offer. I have already received six enquiries that i am working on.

Sales Manager, Ducab

It was a well organized event. The format of having the Suppliers meet with as many Buyers as possible over the two days was very good.

Business Unit Manager, Palfinger Systems GmbH

MTB - Aviation Dubai - Buyer comments

Very interesting and useful event, great experience and attendees and a top-notch organisation.

Engineering and Contract Management, Portugália Airlines

This is one of the greatest formats I have used this year. Please keep it up and continue with the same format.

Chief Finance & Adminstration Officer, SaudiGulf Airlines

It was an interesting opportunity to meet new suppliers in different Aviation sectors, which makes procurement process more efficient, easier and cost effective.

Procurement Manager, Petra Airlines

MTB - Aviation Dubai - Supplier comments

The format was very good and I think that 20 minutes is just perfect.

Sales & Marketing Manager EMEA, NYCO Aeronautics

Although this was the first Aviation MTB event it was clear that the organisers had a lot of experience and put plenty of best practice touches into making the Aviation MTB a great success for both buyers and vendors alike.

Business Development Manager, Acro Aircraft Seating

MTB - Oil & Gas Americas - 2014 Austin - Buyer comments

I like the format as it gives ample time to discuss requirements / capabilities while providing enough free time to re-connect with any suppliers you may want to spend a bit more time with.

Procurement Manager, AMEC Black & McDonald Limited

The format is very efficient as there is 100% interaction between the parts with no distraction or interruptions.

President, Earth Sciences Exploration and Production

It is always a well run and organised event. I would participate at future events without hesitation.

Director, Gas Liquids Engineering

MTB - Oil & Gas Americas - 2014 Austin - Supplier comments

An excellent opportunity for professional vendors to meet professional buyers and have discussions in a detailed manner that isn't achievable at exhibitions.

Operations Director, Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited

Great experience to meet prospective buyers from some of the larger companies in the Oil and Gas industry.


An interesting and unique way to meet key buyers.

Business Development Manager, Scott Safety

MTB - Marine Europe - 2014 Vienna - Buyer comments

Carried out with class and professionalism.

Purchasing Manager, V. Ships Ltd

A well organised event that gives the opportunity to meet with companies from all around the world for any kind of service or request.

Purchasing Officer, Chemikalien Seetransport Cyprus Ltd

The MTB was for me very successful, I came out from it with very much in my bag. I find this way to meet suppliers, other buyers and colleagues very effective and joyful.

Technical Superintendent, OY Langh Ship Ab

It was very effective and I would recommend it.

Supply Manager, Blue Line Ship Management S.A

MTB - Marine Europe - 2014 Vienna - Supplier comments

A week's worth of door knocking and travelling, condensed into 2 days of fun all in one brilliant location.

Sales Development Executive, Rivertrace Engineering Limited

MTB was a unique experience that gave me access to a vast number of potential clients.

Commercial Manager, Solace Global

An impressive event commercially and excellent possibilities in social networking after hours.

Key Account Manager, AAG Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/S

MTB 2014 has been a good mix of meeting close customers, meeting those who you wanted to see and those you probably could never visit so easily.

Managing Director, Martechnic

MTB - Workboats - 2014 Barcelona - Buyer comments

It's an excellent platform to meet local, regional and global vendors within our industry.

Vice President - Global Procurement, Otto Marine Limited

Productive, interesting, perfectly organised, in the fine atmosphere.

Engineer, Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC

Overall, it is very effective and you get to meet a lot of people from around the globe with new products and services, which may not be offered in our region. Very pleased with format.

Operations Manager, Sealink Sdn Bhd

MTB - Workboats - 2014 Barcelona - Supplier comments

I find this format very interesting and direct.

Sales & Offshore Operations, EMS Seven Seas Spain

Better than expected!

Sales Director, Navis Engineering

A great insight into future business partners that are not necessarily available from the most common types of events that we attend. These events also create the opportunity to directly meet with the most important contacts of our target businesses that can be quite difficult to approach directly.

EMEA Sales Manager, Intellian

MTB - Superyachts - 2014 Porto - Buyer comments

MTB Porto 2014 was a new highlight on the calendar, the people, the meetings and the social events are a winning combination that makes it an intense and relaxing event over two days.

Director, Naval Architect, Studio Delta

A better place to meet Suppliers than at any boat show, as there is time for a proper conversation and at the same time the programme is compressed sufficiently to make it an efficient use of time.

Demler Managing Partner, Marine Projects GmbH

Best and most effective two days of the year as far as meeting our suppliers. It’s a great place to learn the newest trends and the hottest companies.

Manager, Trinity Yachts, LLC,

MTB - Superyachts - 2014 Porto - Supplier comments

A very useful opportunity to meet key players in the Superyacht industry and raise the profile of Trend Marine Products. The event is well organised and offers a unique environment to do so.

Superyacht Sales Manager, Trend Marine

A very efficient event where we have been able to make beneficial contacts for future and running projects.

Director Sales and Operations, Hydromar Marine Equipment b.v.

Perfect framework for bringing together Buyers and Suppliers.

Project Manager, De Klerk Binnenbouw B.V

MTB - Shipyards - 2014 Bangkok - Buyer comments

What a brilliant idea to organise the face to face dialogue in terms of information exchange between Buyers and Suppliers in the most effective way and mode.

Manager, PT. Kumala Indonesia Shipyard

We would highly recommend this type of venue to others in the shipbuilding and repair business. The quality of the Suppliers and having a one on one discussion is most beneficial.

Shipyard Manager, Colorado Shipyard Corporation

This is a splendid event, the format is effective, efficient and useful but the results are great.

Exim Logistic Manager, PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero)

MTB - Shipyards - 2014 Bangkok - Supplier comments

Unique and cost effective way to meet potential new clients.

Regional Sales Manager - Maritime, Autronica Fire & Security AS

Cost effective, fast, serious and profitable event.

Co-Founder and Sales Manager, HP High Pressure Srl

Fun to meet new companies in this kind of setting, it is only 20 minutes each, but it is a very good start for new business relations. I am looking forward to next year.

General Manager, Heimdal Propulsion Norway AS

MTB - Marine Asia - 2014 Seoul - Buyer comments

Excellent forum where both Buyers and Suppliers can get a unique opportunity to meet under one roof, getting a chance to meet across the table with undivided attention.

Fleet Manager, BW Fleet Management

A great event which provide us an opportunity to meet a network with Suppliers worldwide.

Purchasing Executive, Hong Lam Marine Pte Ltd

MTB Marine Seoul 2014 was a very good platform to network and strengthen our existing relationships with Suppliers as well as meeting potential Suppliers, to be updated on new services being provided as well as providing information to them on our requirements.

Manager, Columbia Shipmanagement Singapore Pte Ltd

MTB - Marine Asia - 2014 Seoul - Supplier comments

It is a fantastic platform to meet the key decision makers and moreover to build good relationships given the many social events / time we have outside of the meetings.

Sales Manager, Rustibus Pte Ltd

It was a good opportunity to get in contact with Asian companies.

Manager, Delmar Denizde GV SIS Ltd STI

Efficient way to meet several management companies from South East Asia.

Manager, Teamtec AS

MTB - Marine Americas - 2014 Vancouver - Buyer comments

MTB 2014 Vancouver, Canada was very successful as our goals were achieved. MTB Marine Americas provides the strength to our Maritime Industry as MTB provides a unique opportunity for a wide cross-section of the Americas as it engages in strategies for building effectiveness in the Maritime Industry.

Buyer, Dockwise USA LLC

Very effective, in terms of time applied in looking for global Suppliers. Excellent in building a marine business network.

Procurement Director, GRUPO TMM

MTB Vancouver will help Technip Brasil to enlarge our vendor list especially related to marine spare parts. It was great to see new players and solutions offered by the variance of Suppliers.

Procurement Manager, Technip Brasil - Eng., Inst. E Apoio Maritímo

MTB - Marine Americas - 2014 Vancouver - Supplier comments

As expected, Copland Events delivered high quality, high level contacts that are committed to exploring new business options. We will return.

Managing Director, Innovative Manufacturing Inc.

I was able to reconnect with customers and potential customers, I enjoy having multiple appointments all in one room. One day at MTB is more productive than a week of having to visit customers individually. It was very enjoyable.

Technical Sales Lead, World Wide Metric

As always with previous MTB events that our company has attended worldwide, we like the concept and organisation efforts taken. Apart from offering a direct marketing and mutual meeting opportunities for both sides of business (Buyers and Suppliers), the general atmosphere for networking and being in touch with new and existing customers is always a pleasant atmosphere for doing business.

Sales Director, SpecTec

MTB - Oil & Gas - EMEA - 2014 Abu Dhabi - Buyer comments

It was a really nice experience to meet with Suppliers for dedicated sessions, allowing full concentration of mutual benefits.

Head of Project Engineering, N.V. Turkse Perenco

I think it is a great concept and very intimate.

Procurement Manager, Dutco McConnell Dowell ME LLC

MTB helps us to meet Suppliers under one roof, which saves time and helps the business effectively.

Senior Buyer, Dragon Oil. Plc

MTB - Oil & Gas - EMEA - 2014 Abu Dhabi - Supplier comments

Great business opportunities compressed into two days.

Manager of Separation Technologies, Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO

'Meet The Buyer' brings people with the right mind set together. MTB does not require as much time and money as a trade show and is therefore the perfect forum.

Managing Director, Clever Marine Services Ltd

From a Suppliers perspective the event is constructive and effective. MTB is designed in such a manner that the meetings enable parties with a common interest, buying and selling of a product or service, to interact in a professional and structured manner. Discussions were specific, to the point and most valuable for future business.

Sales & Marketing Manager, Triplefast Middle East Ltd

MTB - Shipyards Europe - 2013 Athens - Buyer comments

It was a fantastic event enabling me to gain new contacts for new products and new friends.

Manager, Istanbul Shipyard

Perfectly organised, effective meetings in a good atmosphere.

Project Manager, Naval Shipyard Gdynia

Highly professionally organised event where we had an opportunity to meet many interesting suppliers during a period of two days.

Purchasing Manager, Uljanik Brodogradiliste d.d.

MTB - Shipyards Europe - 2013 Athens - Supplier comments

I really enjoyed it, meetings were highly effective. I will recommend this event to all my contacts who are working as Suppliers for Shipyards


An effective solution to bring Buyers and Suppliers together.

Area Sales Manager, Aage Hempel-Marine Electronics

A well organised, efficient tool to meet prospective Buyers, promote your product and learn from other Suppliers

Marine Sales Europe, NOV Fiber Glass Systems BV

MTB - Marine Europe - 2013 Algarve - Buyer comments

Unforgettable combination of professional and social time.

Technical Officer / Purchaser, Green Reefers

Good opportunity to meet a large number of new companies and catch up with old faces in 48 hours. No other event or exhibition offers you that in so short time!

Supply Manager, Hellenic Star Shipping Co. S.A

A well organised cosy platform of suppliers for encouraging new business relationships and to strengthen/develop already existing ones.

General Manager, Oesterreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd

MTB - Marine Europe - 2013 Algarve - Supplier comments

Worth every penny!

President, Marine Procurement Solutions LLC

It is a perfect opportunity to meet the right people or those who can connect you with the right people. It is a door opener.

CMO, Restech Norway AS

Great event, good atmosphere, having a lot of time to network and have good 1 on 1 conversations with buyers.

Director, Global Marine Forwarding B.V

MTB - Workboats - 2013 Athens - Buyer comments

Your event brings a unique skill set, creative thinking, relentless attention to detail and the ability to connect many plans to our vendors and partners.

Stores and Procurements Manager, Mubarak Marine LLC

The format of meetings, time intervals and conditions of meetings are perfectly worked and allow quickly and qualitatively to receive necessary information and to establish relations.

Engineer, SOCAR Caspian Sea Oil Fleet

The format is effective. It allows for optimum use of time to engage with suppliers and room to discuss items further during the lunch and dinner opportunities.

Marine Operations Manager, Company Transnet National Ports Authority

MTB - Workboats - 2013 Athens - Supplier comments

A very efficient way to get your business introduced and to get to know each other better in an informal environment.

Regional Manager Offshore, MeteoGroup

A great way to network with professionals in this industry.

Head of Sales and Marketing, NavTech Supplies Ltd

The format was perfect.

Sales Manager, HP High Pressure SRL

MTB - Superyachts - 2013 Dubrovnik - Buyer comments

MTB Superyachts Dubrovnik 2013 was a well-organised and greatly appreciated event. Positive atmosphere, level playing field and great social gatherings around the business meetings. This becomes a not to miss opportunity to meet the industry.

Director, Studio Delta

Another excellently organised event, held in a stunning location. I have made some very useful contacts, I look forward to receiving quotes from them and hopefully doing business in the future.

General Manager, Asia Pacific Superyachts

A good way to meet business contacts - suppliers, other buyers, competitors and renew some old contacts. In a relaxed atmosphere that is far more productive than attending industry shows.

Manager - Yacht Services, Fraser Yachts

MTB - Superyachts - 2013 Dubrovnik - Supplier comments

Wonderful experience, great to have so many meetings in one day.

Sales & Export Manager, PFC Marine

Great experience, the best event to meet potential buyers and showing them our products in a professional way. In other words: you never get 20 minutes of full attention being not yet very known as a supplier in the business, even though my products are competitive and interesting.

International Sales Director, Christian Fischbacher & Co AG

A great event that was great value for money and great for not only meeting customers but also networking within the industry.

VP Sales America, Intellian

MTB - Shipyards Asia - 2013 Shanghai - Buyer comments

Helpful, effective, beyond my expectation.

Director of Business & Purchase Department, Taizhou Wuzhou Shipbuilding Industry

Face-to-face networking meeting - built up a good bonding between suppliers, manufacturers and buyers. Throughout this event, I personally feel interesting and effectively exchange products knowledge. Indeed, it is a fabulous event!

Senior Procurement Executive, Newcruz Shipbuilding & Engineering Pte Ltd

MTB - Shipyards Asia - 2013 Shanghai - Supplier comments

A very relaxed way to meet many potential clients. Format was very good.

Sales Manager, Ducab (Dubai Cable Company)

I think the format used for MTB in all areas is great, I always manage to get something from it.

Sales Manager, Crestchic Ltd

MTB - Marine Americas - 2013 Washington DC - Buyer comments

Well organised giving focused face time with sellers. They in turn got my undivided attention. There was no time wasted and it was a great opportunity for exchange of knowledge. All in all very productive two days.

Fleet Director, V Ships USA LLC

A very good way to optimise the time.

Procurement Director, Intertug S.A.

I believe that this was an exceptional opportunity for both Buyers and the Suppliers to meet face to face and to be given the opportunity to build future relationships.

Planner/Estimator, Hornbeck Offshore Operators LLC

All those who participated in MTB were focused on their contacts and meetings, without exception they achieve their goals and have a very positive outcome for their companies during this year.

Purchaser, Sealion do Brasil

The perfect opportunity to increase your network of Suppliers in a professional and social ambient.

Fleet Superintendent, Maersk

MTB - Marine Americas - 2013 Washington DC - Supplier comments

Meet the Buyers is the most efficient format to meeting and engaging potential Buyers. This is the only type of event that enables a company to network with Buyers on a business development and relationship development level. Both Suppliers and Buyers can position themselves, their goals and objectives and needs quickly.

Global Marketing Manager, Industrial, Scott Safety

Great format, with a diverse selection of companies in attendance. We are able to have a good conversation with Buyers and Suppliers throughout the time in Washington. The team at Copland were well organised throughout the show, kept things moving and ensured everything went perfectly.

Business Manager, Versitec

Excellent possibility to create new business in saving travel costs.

Sales Manager Marine for Latin America, Tognum America

Great atmosphere, great people and a great experience. Great potential Buying customers and had a wonderful time.

Technical Sales, World Wide Metric

Fantastically organised event. Quality of contacts was great. Would definitely attend another MTB.

Technical Sales, Advanced Marine Technologies

MTB - Oil & Gas - EMEA - 2013 Oman - Buyer comments

The format used by MTB Oil and Gas is effective and appropriate.

Procurement & Supply Chain Senior Manager- Cairn India Limited

Valuable and productive. An excellent event with a successful outcome. You got it right for my company. New possible solutions were identified.

Procurement Manager, MRS Oil & Gas Ltd.

MTB - Oil & Gas - EMEA - 2013 Oman - Supplier comments

Good information and networking channels for operational business.

Oil & Gas Project Director, NEXANS

A very efficient and professional organised platform to set up/develop your contact network, not only with buyers- also with other suppliers.

Area Sales Manager, Leistritz Pumps GmbH

MTB - Oil and Gas Americas - 2012 Dallas - Buyer comments

Great format for interaction with global suppliers who may not be known within your company as a potential supply source.

Senior Product Director, Fluor

Overall I believe that the format is excellent.

Director, Gas Liquid Engineering

MTB - Oil and Gas Americas - 2012 Dallas - Supplier comments

Our main objective was to get our Company name out there and to gain some recognition . Very successful with that!

Director of National OEM Sales, Dometic

It was a good experience and I expect to be attending more MTB Events.

Vice President, Windlass Engineers & Services, Inc.

MTB - Superyachts Malta - Buyer comments

Dear MTB Team I'd like to thank you very much for organising and staging possibly the most useful superyacht event I've been to. MTB looks sure to become one of the must-attend events in the superyacht calendar, and I'm greatly looking forward to next year's event in Dubrovnik. Kind regards Benjamin matrixLloyd

Benjamin - matrixLloyd

A nice event where you are away from daily matters not too long, and then where you are ready to take time to listen to other people and develop a confidence relationship with them.

Managing Director, Verhaaren Naval Architects

It was a very productive use of time, as often these meetings we cannot schedule during shows. I have developed various new useful contacts. It was an excellent format and thank you for organizing such a high quality event. I look forward to attending again next year.

Creative Director, Sanlorenzo Americas

I would highly recommend MTB Superyachts as it is not only very well organised, but also due to high standard and quality of companies taking place.

Purchase and Owners Representative, Odenwald - The Yacht Surveyors

It was a very useful event for us. Now i had time for talking with "potential new" suppliers. On a normal boat show we haven't time for conversations like this. In my opinion it is the best way to meet new suppliers

Logistic Process Coordinator, Amels

MTB - Superyachts Malta - Supplier comments

It was very effective as always. Just received my first enquiry

Sales Director, Hepworth Wynn

The format was just perfect!

Designer, F.LLi Razeto e Casareto S.P.A.

The whole event was entered sceptically as I was not sure the right people would attend. WRONG! It was extremely professional, not a single overlap, and well received by the buyers. Venue, food and networking were EXCELLENT!

Martek Marine Ltd

Attending the MTB Superyacht event probably was the best spent sales budget since years, there were so many formal and informal opportunities to meet, speak and "have a drink on the terrace" with all of the participants that the relationships became more than just business relation.

Business Development Manager - Yachts, Alewijnse Marine Systems

MTB - Shipyards Europe - 2012 Monte Carlo - Buyer comments

Great opportunity to meet many potential suppliers in such a short time.

Machinery Purchasing Team Group Leader, Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries

Amazing Experience. Not only did I meet with interesting people whom I will use as potential suppliers, but also I developed a few innovative ideas for my own business. Finally, we all became close friends and still keep in touch.

Coordinator for Europe, Elinor 2000 USBG Ltd

I never forget this forum. It was located in a fantastic location, very productive programme, and I found many good friends from Europe and Asia during that time.

Senior Manager, Persia Hormoz Shipyard

MTB - Shipyards Europe - 2012 Monte Carlo - Supplier comments

I believe Copland organised an extremely good event and having conducted 22 meetings in two days it represents fantastic value for money.

International Sales Manager, QinetiQ GRC

I discovered this event for the first time, so I didn't really have objectives except to get contact names; this was achieved.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics

A thoroughly engaging event with good quality buyers and excellent organisation.

Marketing Manager, Crestchic Loadbanks

MTB - Marine Europe - 2012 Copenhagen - Buyer comments

The format was just perfect.

Purchaser, DFDS A/S

This is my first time at MTB Marine and I was suprised how well organised everything was. Speed dating is an exceptional opportunity to meet new suppliers and buyers. No changes to suggest for future events.

Purchaser, Transpetrol TM AS

Very interesting event! This was my first attendance and I have to say that I have gathered many useful information and I have met a lot of new suppliers that we will have co-operation with in the future.

Purchasing Officer, Chemikalien Seetransport Cyprus Ltd

MTB - Marine Europe - 2012 Copenhagen - Supplier comments

Excellent event - good selection of Buyers - good location - extremely well organised.

International Business Development, Burdock Group

Meetings were well organised, the environment was good.

Sales Manager, Scheldepoort BV

Participated in both ONS & SMM, MTB is without any doubt the most beneficial and direct structured arrangement.

General Manager, CRALOG A/S

MTB - Workboats - 2012 Dubai - Buyer comments

MTB Workboats 2012 is absolutely not only enjoyable, and the results are fruitful as well. Time management is well controlled, well planned and well organised.

Yard Manager, Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd

First attendance at MTB event and didn't know what to expect. Found the format to be spot-on as it was an effective use of time. To see suppliers normally would take up weeks of time management.

Operations Manager, Serco Marine Services

MTB - Workboats - 2012 Dubai - Supplier comments

Speed dating for business! Discovered a couple of gems in the way of contacts which could lead to expansion of business capabilities.

Ship Repair Director, Nico International

Effective way to meet a lot of companies in a short amount of time. Well organised and hosted.

Sales Manager, LNG Ship Fueling, Chart Ferox A.S.

MTB - Shipyards Asia - 2012 Vietnam - Buyer comments

Everything is well organised & good management. Very useful to meet good future connections.

Business Manager, Dongsung Engineering & Shiprepair

The format you used for this year's MTB were fantastic. This is the first time I joined and liked the events you organised in a very congenial environment.

Head of Operation, Bashundhara Group

The slogan of the event: saving time and money for Buyers and Suppliers.

Manager of Export Shipbuilding Project Bureau, Song Thu Company

MTB - Shipyards Asia - 2012 Vietnam - Supplier comments

During MTB, we met 21 companies, we can consider that 8 companies were interesting for us. We received an enquiry from one of those companies for price evaluation.

Sales & Marketing Manager, NOV-BLM

Extremely busy due to many meetings. The outcome was satisfactory.

Managing Director, MT-Marine Technologies Pte Ltd

Very efficient way of meeting potential customers / suppliers in a short time! And with regards to the category of this, you meet the companies that interests you! Imagine time and cost for travelling to 20+ potential customers!

General Manager, Brodrene Dahl Vietnam

MTB - Marine Asia - 2012 Bangkok - Buyer comments

Fantastic! Great selection of suppliers and buyers at a great venue. I would definitely come again.

Assistant Purchasing Manager, United Ocean Ship Management Pte Ltd

Though it is the same event, it's a different adventure every time.

Head of Procurement & Logistics, Milaha

The schedule was full, but not tired. Some serious, some easy and some fun.

Procurement Manager, Franbo Lines Corp

MTB - Marine Asia - 2012 Bangkok - Supplier comments

MTB is a great arena for meeting the actual buyer and the surrounding environment in the maritime business. I would say that it takes 4 regular exhibitions to reach the same level of good leads and contacts.

Sales Manager, Restech Norway AS

Again, a well organised event from Copland!!!

General Manager, Lagaay International B.V.

Everything was arranged to an exceptionally professional level. The diversity of attending buyers was very interesting and the overall concept struck me as very efficient and effective!

Sales Manager, KET Marine International B.V.

MTB - Marine Americas 2012 Brazil - Buyer comments

I liked the format. It was effective and efficient. It was a very nice venue. The organisation was great. My objectives were more than met.

Operations Readiness Coordinator - SBM Offshore

Excellent. Well planned. Good list of vendor and buyers attended.

Director of Procurement - LMS Shipmanagement

A wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Purchaser - Sealion do Brasil Navegação

I must say that MTB always does a good job organising these events, this is my 2nd MTB and I think this one was even better than the last one at FT Lauderdale.

Purchasing Manager - Atlantic Towing

In one word - AMAZING

Aliança Nav & Log

MTB - Marine Americas 2012 Brazil - Supplier comments

The most effective way to meet interesting partners. It was great doing business.

International Sales Manager - Centraalstaal BV

Exceeded my expectations. I will participate in future events.

Sales Manager - Loipart AB

MTB Europe, MTB Asia, MTB Americas can be very useful in a sense of saving costs, time, and getting us out there to meet with potential customers.

Marketing Manager - Golden Harvest Shipping

For us it was very effective because we selected our appointments in front. Besides that also in the informal circuit it was very effective. We had appointments with 18 companies. With 8 companies we'll be doing business with in the next coming 12 months.

International Sales Manager - Centraalstaal BV

Excellent event hosted in the fastest growing marine and offshore region of the world. Very important location to be in.

Marketing Director - Instrumental Marine Services International Ltd

MTB - Marine Americas Florida - Buyer comments

I thought it was a great event. I would very much like to attend another.

Operational Manager, Svitzer Salvage

I found the process efficient and well organised

Purchasing Manager, Seabulk Tankers

MTB - Marine Americas Florida - Supplier comments

The Meet The Buyer conference was by far one of the best if not the best conferences that I have ever attended. The quality of the buyers that I met with well exceeded my expectations. The appointments that were arranged for me were right in line with the product that I was presenting and the organized meetings taking place at this event were a tremendous savings to our company by eliminating the need spend the time and money to travel to the various countries and locations.

Regional Sales Manager - Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc.

MTB - Workboats Malta - Buyer comments

Most of the suppliers I met requested to contact me for further discussions.

Purchasing Manager, ESNAAD Company

Very well organised and very time effective. Found out that we will work with a Supplier we met last year and we didn't have anything in common back then.

Designated Person Ashore, Alfons Hakans

Beneficial and informative platform for meeting new vendors and understanding new developments.

Supply Chain Manager, Serco Marine

MTB - Workboats Malta - Supplier comments

The only thing that I can say is one word; PERFECT.

General Manager, Thrustmaster Europe B.V.

Very effective introduction into the Workboats Market.

Area Sales Manager, Kelvin Hughes

Great focus with like minded individuals. Better than any show.

Director, Sales & Engineering, Dometic

MTB - Shipyards Asia Singapore - Buyer comments

It has been a useful event with good timely meetings arranged with vendors

Project Director, Neil Fernando & Company (pvt) Ltd.

Being a new shipyard and new visitor of MTB I found MTB Shipyards Singapore 2011 arrangement nice, precise and worth to attend. It's professional event management

Managing Director, Western Marine Shipyard Ltd.

Great opportunity to meet new suppliers & to network with fellow shipyards

Business Development Manager, Babcock Fitzroy Ltd

MTB - Shipyards Asia Singapore - Supplier comments

A very effective few days and much better than any exhibition

Managing Director, CS India Steel Pvt. Ltd

The event is well organised and i found it very effective, good enquiries to quote and several people to follow up on

Crestchic Loadbanks Ltd

This was my first event in Asia and I never met any of the people before. For me it was superb! Fantastic and a very effective event. Excellent opportunity to enter and to explore the Asian Market without too much travelling.

Sales Manager, Verhaar Omega

MTB - Oil & Gas Abu Dhabi - Buyer comments

Excellent! Don't change! Just all needed now is a limousine service if we leave on day 2 :)

Technical Director, Co-trust Lt (China Oil Fields Liaison Office)

MTB is the most efficient event that i've ever participated in order to approach the right person

Executive Director, Pers Oil

MTB - Oil & Gas Abu Dhabi - Supplier comments

Extremely Professional team with a great sense of responsibility

Director - Operations, Burdock Group

If is the most effective way that we need to continue the same

Managing Director, Heat Exchangers Specialist (S) Pte Ltd

MTB - Marine Europe Dubrovnik - Buyer comments

This was my first MTB and I will propose it to other buyers and suppliers I know. I just want to underline the perfect service and hospitality.

Purchase Manager, Arcadia Shipmanagement Co. Ltd.

Brilliant, wish I had thought of this concept

Purchase Manager, Dannebrog Rederi AS

Last week's event was my first time attending MTB and I must say it was really worth it.

Purchasing Officer, Rolldock Shipping BV

MTB - Marine Europe Dubrovnik - Supplier comments

MTB Marine Dubrovnik was a good event for me because I saw mostly new companies and had the chance to catch up with companies I had seen last year.

International Sales & Marketing, Chemo Hellas SA

Excellent arrangement in every aspect

Managing Director, Trans-it AS

MTB - Workboats Lisbon - Buyer comments

The Primary reason for attending MTB Workboats was to meet more Suppliers with more choices. My objectives were fulfilled.

Captain Ting Hien Liong, Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Berhad

It was organised perfectly, all arrangements were made very well, we got the possibility to make some new connections which will benefit our business in the future.

Anna Nikitenko, CJSC RIMSCO

MTB - Workboats Lisbon - Supplier comments

Intense and effective. Good return on investment.

Mathieu Reichardt, AIC Systems AG

Objectives achieved - meet to put faces to names, with the correct contacts at senior level and discuss future requirements/business opportunities.

Craig Butchart, Turner EPS

I was sceptical about this one, but the outcome was way over my expectations.

Bert Thijssen, B. Hepworth & Co. Ltd

MTB - Marine Asia Hong Kong - Buyer comments

Well organised, very professional and delivering value to buyers & suppliers

Technical Purchasing, Wallem GmbH & Co KG

Nice People - Right Place - Good Relationships

Vice Director, Vinalines Container Shipping Company

It is a 2.5 day very intensive program that save at least 21 days travel with a far lesser effect.

Group Procurement Manager, Vroon BV

MTB - Marine Asia Hong Kong - Supplier comments

After attending MTB Europe & Asia from the very begining I still firmly believe that it is cost effective

Marketing & Sales Manager, Aage Hempel-Marine Electronics

Very good business orientated idea and concept. Well organised. Delivers fast market situation overview and indicates direction of business for midterm period

Marine Project Manager, Jan Helbich

Besides knowing new firms and new businesses, it is also good ground to build better rapport with existing clients.

Area Sales Manager, Damen Schelde Marine Services Pte Ltd

MTB - Marine Europe Monte Carlo - Buyer comments

Once again a very effective way of meeting suppliers- much better than exhibitions, while at the same time you can exchange information with other purchasers

Karin van Espen, J. Lauritzen A/S

Focusing two days on meeting new suppliers, it is something you can not achieve in any exhibition. That is the reason why "MTB" is so successful every year

Ria Xeneli, Queensway Navigation

MTB - Marine Europe Monte Carlo - Supplier comments

Very Effective - worked well...highly productive, efficient and fun!

Richard Irvine, Strongwell

MTB is only one of the very few events in which you can effectively build up a network with many ship owners. It is a better investment than taking a stand at a trade fair if ship owners are your market

Henrik Gennissen, Kampers

It was my first MTB and I was impressed by the professional way the meetings were organised... Effective perfectly organised speed-dating between ship owners and suppliers.

Tanja Hoppmann, WISKA

MTB - Shipyards Dubai - Buyer comments

The event was very effective with an excellent amount of global maritime players

Rob Langton, MMS Ship Repair & Drydock Co Ltd

Good opportunity to meet with so many suppliers in the same place

Chia Chuan Hak, Otto Marine Ltd

MTB - Shipyards Dubai - Supplier comments

First time for me... Very successful, with solid enquiries

Derek Kirkup, Thrustmaster Middle East

A refreshing new alternative to trade shows. Time and money well spent.

Andy Tudge, BT Marine

A great venue with one-to-one meetings, very productive and when the time runs out the discussions continue over a drink or dinner!

Global Sales Director, Naiad Dynamics

It was superb again. I am still convinced after the many MTB\'s I have attended that it is the best way of meeting new opportunities and maintain relationships. It is worth every penny!

Sales Director, B Hepworth & Co Ltd

MTB - Oil & Gas Dubai - Buyer comments

We've been benefited from the meetings with suppliers as well as private discussions with other buyers.

Vahid Atashbari, PersOil Co.

Very professional management team, friendly and an excellent bunch of suppliers and buyers. Fantastic event.

Alexander Wood, Aiken Group Limited

MTB - Oil & Gas Dubai - Supplier comments

The "speed dating" format is very effective. The official timekeeping seemed to be a key ingredient and was handled quite professionally and in an unobtrusive manner.

Ralf Kabus, Igus GmbH

Format was very good. It is quite intense but in a good way as it is a total focus on product or services that one company can offer the other.

Bill Bailey, Trelawny SPT Limited

I liked it. 20 minutes was challenging, but forces you to stay on track. I liked the networking opportunities throughout the event. Very effective.

Leonard Pecore, Genoa Design International Ltd.